Should You Choose Copper For Your Victorian Restoration?

21 November 2014
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If you've purchased a Victorian house and are looking to restore it, then you have your work cut out for you. The tasks are many and the work is enormous. If you are acting as the general contractor for your restoration, then you will be delegating tasks to specific tradesman. You will need a clear understanding of your desired vision. Which leads us to roof choices:

Why Choose Copper?

If you want you home to be an authentic looking restoration, you want to choose either a slate or copper roof. These were two popular choices for early North American homes. Slate is labor intensive to install. It is also no longer common. This means finding a skilled craftsman who can install a traditional slate roof will be difficult. Many roofers are more practiced in installing copper roofing.

Slate is also subject to cracks, and other maintenance problems. Copper, on the other hand, requires less maintenance and is easier to install. Copper is installed in large sheets, as opposed to slate tiles that are each nailed to the roof by hand.

Copper Roofing For Cold Weather

Copper is lighter than slate. This means it puts less pressure on your roofing deck. While this might not seem like a benefit, it very important when you take into account the local weather. If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, then you don't want a heavy tile roof. The weight of the snow, coupled with the weight of the tile, can add a dangerous amount of stress to your ceiling joists.

Bright, Shining, and Beautiful

There are many reasons to choose a copper roof for your home, and one of them is that they look amazing. There is a reason that people who restore classic homes don't stick up a galvanized steel or plain sheet aluminum roof. It's because copper has a deep golden color and picks up the suns highlights. It is as much a decoration as a roof.

If you're looking to add beautiful exterior finishing's, such as decorative soffits or fascia, then it is nice to have a beautiful roof material to accentuate it. Because you have a Victorian house, you have a wonderful opportunity to showcase the amazing architecture. One of the most vital areas is exterior renovations. You want to make sure that the you choose the best material for your project, and copper is certainly an excellent choice.

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