4 Tips To Make Painting Your Home Easier

2 October 2014
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A great way to give your home a makeover is to give each room a paint job. A new coat of paint can allow you to personalize a room, brighten it, and can help the general mood of your home. If you aren't careful, you could end up with splatters of paint on your floor or other problems. Here are some tips to help you paint like a pro.

Don't Forget the Prep

Before you begin to paint, you need to prep your walls. Any holes or cracks will need to be filled with painter's putty or spackle. Sand, patch, and scrape every place on the wall that is not perfect. If your wall has cracks, holes from nails or tacks, or has little pockmarks, it will all show up with the new coat of paint if you don't repair the wall before you start painting.

You Need Primer

Primer is necessary whenever you're painting over a dark color. You should also use primer when painting new drywall. While you don't necessarily need to use primer when painting over lighter colors, it's a good idea to use it every time you paint. Primer keeps any stains from bleeding into your new paint, lets you use just one coat of paint, and helps reduce peeling and blistering.

Use an Extension Pole

Instead of using a ladder to reach the upper parts of the walls and the ceiling, use an extension pole. These are adjustable poles that fit onto the handle of the paint roller, and allow you to paint high areas without the risk of falling off a ladder. You'll also be able to avoid straining your muscles since you won't have to twist at odd angles to reach anything.

Tape Can Be Useful

You can use tape to keep paint from getting onto trim, baseboards, outlets and anywhere else you want to keep paint off. The problem is that sometimes paint will bleed behind the tape. The tape may also remove paint if it touches it. If you want to use tape while painting your home, try to use blue painter's tape. It's easy to remove, and if you run over the tape with a putty knife, you can keep paint from bleeding under the tape.

These tips can help you paint your home, but if you find anything about the process nerve-wracking then you should consider hiring professional painters like Wallstreet Painting. They can make sure that your home is painted professionally, while keeping accidents such as a painted shut window or paint spattered on a hardwood floor from happening.