Make A Decorative Photo Frame With An Old Window

2 October 2014
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If you have recently replaced the windows in your home, use one of the old ones to create a unique photo frame to hang on your wall. You can place family photographs in each of the panes and make decorative borders to go around them. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the frame of the window will give it an attractive appearance and will allow you to match the color with the decor inside of your home. The following steps will describe how to complete this project.

Use These Materials

  • window
  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloth
  • sandpaper (fine grit)
  • acrylic spray paint
  • drop cloth
  • painters tape
  • photographs
  • spray adhesive 
  • clear tape
  • measuring tape
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • picture hooks
  • screwdriver 

Sand And Repaint The Frame

Lightly sand the surface of the frame so that it is smooth. Apply painters tape to the glass panes, preventing them from getting covered with paint. Take the window outside and lay it on a drop cloth. Spray the frame with acrylic paint. A couple coats will provide enough coverage. Wait several minutes before applying the second coat. Gently peel off the painters tape when the frame is dry.

Clean The Glass And Mount The Photos

Clean the window panes with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Measure pieces of card stock to fit into each pane. Cut the card stock with a craft knife or scissors. Use different colors of card stock to create a pattern in the panes. Place one or two photographs on each piece of card stock. Spray adhesive is safe to use on photographs. Apply the adhesive to the back of each photograph and press all of them down onto the pieces of card stock. Use clear tape to secure the edges of the card stock to the backside of each pane. The glass will be covering the front of the photographs, keeping them protected. 

Attach Picture Hangers To The Window's Frame

Install picture hangers on the back of the frame. Use a drill to attach them. Place the decorated window in a room that you would like to enhance. You might want to consider hanging it behind your bed or in a room that doesn't have many decorations. Your new wall hanging will be pretty to look at and will make it easy for you to share pictures with your family and friends. Change the pictures in each pane when you would like the wall hanging to look different.  

For more information or if you would like professional assistance, contact Tri -County Glass Solutions Of Cambridge Inc. or a similar company.