What To Do While Waiting For Towing Service

2 October 2014
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There are a couple situations where you may need to call for towing services from a company like Weatherby Trucking Ltd. Maybe you have just been involved in an automobile accident, or your vehicle is causing you problems. If you are okay to do so and can do it in a safe way, there are some things you should do before the tow truck gets there.

Hazard Lights

The first thing you must do anytime you are on the side of the road is turn on your hazard lights. By turning on these lights, you're letting other drivers know to be cautious and to slow down as they see you. Not only is this a safe thing to do, the tow truck company will be able to locate you easier. The hazard lights will help them pinpoint you if the area is busy.

Move Away From Moving Traffic

This is a good idea if you are able to do so. However, if you have just been involved in an accident, don't move the car until a police officer says to do so. Anytime an automobile accident happens, it's best to wait until the right personnel get there to move the car. It's hard for the police to determine who was at fault if the car gets moved before they get there. If you weren't in an accident, and if you are able to get your car to move, try moving it where you are out of the way and in a safe area.

Reflective Lights

If you have reflective lights or flares, it would be a good idea to place them around the car. This is beneficial for safety reasons. By doing this, you're letting other drivers know that your car is broke down and that they need to be cautious.

Organize Belongings

While you're waiting for the tow truck company, it's beneficial to get your belongings together. Whichever items you're going to need to take home with you, you should grab them. Doing this before they get there is better because once you get back to their office, you may need to fill out paperwork. By the time everything is done with, you may just want to get home. Knowing you have already gone through the belongings you need to bring with you will be a relief.

The anticipation can seem overwhelming when you're waiting for the tow truck company. By doing these things before they get there, you're making the time go by faster. It's important to remain cautious in a situation like this. By following these tips, you will have a successful experience.