Garbage Bin Rental Made Easy

3 October 2014
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Garbage bin rental can be a surprisingly easy process. If for example, you have a home remodeling or renovating project in mind, you will accumulate a significant amount of waste material that needs to be disposed of. Renting a dumpster to temporarily hold the waste not only makes sense, but it may in fact be your least expensive option. Providing an estimate as to how much material you will need to dispose of will assist the rental agency in arriving at the best choice for you.

When renting makes sense

Some people are convinced that the least expensive way to dispose of excess garbage is to haul small amounts at time to a transfer station. When several cubic yards of material will need to be disposed of, however, renting a bin or dumpster begins to make economic sense. A rental can save you time, since what you are really paying for is convenience, but it can often save you money as well. It is certainly less costly than hiring someone to collect, load, and dispose of your waste material as it accumulates.

Ask about cost trade-offs before renting

Even if you think you know what you need and for how long you will need it, it's a good idea to tell the renter what you intend to use the garbage bin for. Being a businessperson, the renter is in the best position to suggest some alternative solutions and recommend what would appear to be the best one for you. Larger is not necessarily better, although a larger bin needs to be serviced less frequently, which can represent a cost savings. When doing your own renovating or remodeling, it might take some time to fill a large bin, and you might need to fill it only once. A smaller bin would normally be less expensive to rent unless it had to be serviced frequently, in which case it could be the more expensive option. There is a cost trade-off between renting a large bin requiring infrequent servicing and renting a smaller bin that might require frequent servicing.

Two standard sizes – 10-yarders and 20-yarders

You don't have to be an expert on garbage bins or garbage bin rentals to rent one, and the typical renter will usually go out of his or her way to suggest the size or type that makes the most sense. You will probably hear the terms '10-yarder' or '20-yarder'. These are standard size dumpsters, named according to their cubic yard capacity. A 10-yarder may be the perfect size if you are renovating a room or two. If you are replacing the roof on your home, a 20-yarder might make more sense. Other sizes, along with various standard-size configurations are available as well.

Contact a garbage bin rental company like C n' C Junk Removal if you have questions or interest in renting a bin for your next project.