3 Holiday Items To Toss After Christmas

8 October 2014
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Do you wait until the last minute to take down your holiday decor? It can be overwhelming to find a place for all of your Christmas stuff, especially if you have a lot of it. You may end up throwing everything into a box and shoving it somewhere in the basement or attic -- without even looking at what's inside. Instead of storing a bunch of items that you don't even need, take a few extra hours to discard the following 3 unwanted items when the holiday season comes to an end. 

3. Real Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, it's time to bid farewell to thee.

After removing the final few ornaments and garland strands from the tree's branches, you need to decide what to do with the tree. Keeping it in your home for the next 365 days or so probably isn't the best plan, as a live tree may attract pests or begin to rot -- even if you keep it in water or place nutrient-rich plant food in the tree's bucket.

If the tree begins to die, you may notice an unpleasant odor in your living room. For these reasons, it's best to discard the tree when the holiday season is over.

You may already know that you can't keep a live tree for very long, but do you know when to toss an artificial tree? It's wise to get rid of your artificial tree if you have:

  • A pre-lit tree with missing, cracked, or burned-out bulbs that you cannot repair
  • Frayed electrical cords extending from the tree, as these can be a safety hazard
  • A tree with sparse branches with faux pine needles that flake off easily, especially if you have toddlers or pets that may try to eat the pieces

Burned-Out Bulbs

If half the bulbs are burned out on your tree or roof, don't save the lights for next year. Imagine how annoyed you'll feel after you dedicate a significant amount of time to hanging up lights, only to discover that they don't even work.

Broken bulbs can also be dangerous, as they may catch on fire or cause electrical shock. Play it safe this season and toss broken bulbs after you take them down. 

Damaged Lawn Decorations

Winters can be brutal in Canada. If heavy snow or fierce winds have left your outdoor decor in less-than-stellar condition, it might be time for an upgrade. As you walk through your lawn, look for pieces that are broken, stained, or dented.

If your inflatable Santa has a hole that you know you'll never end up patching, get rid of it. If Rudolph's nose no longer glows, don't be afraid to throw the lovable reindeer in the trash. 

Once you figure out what you want to get rid of, there's no need to stress yourself out by attempting to cram it into a standard-sized waste can. Contact a dependable junk removal company and schedule a pickup for your holiday trash. You might just be able to keep your New Year's resolution to have a clean home after all. For more help, contact a company like Roadrunner Recycling & Waste Management Ltd. to learn more.