Install Interior Fire Doors For Your Safety

8 October 2014
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If you install interior fire doors in your home, you and your family will have more time to exit safely.  These doors also slow the spread of fire, which gives firefighters more time to put the fire out. This keeps the fire in one area of your home, which causes less damage. Instead of your entire house burning up, only one area of it will.

How Interior Fire Doors Work

Fire doors are usually constructed of wood with a metal core or fiberglass.  The door hinges for these doors have ball bearings, along with a positive latching system.

Most fire doors have an electromagnetic coil that is connected to your home's fire alarm system. If there is a fire and the alarm goes off, the doors will automatically close to prevent the smoke or fire from spreading throughout your home.

You should contact your alarm system company to make sure your doors are connected properly. In most cases, the company will make sure of this, but it is still better to check yourself.

Expansion Fire Doors

Some interior fire doors expand when they become heated.  This expansion is important, as it creates a seal that is airtight between the rooms.

Once this type of fire door becomes heated it automatically closes, becomes latched, and cannot be opened. For this reason, make sure the rooms where you install these doors have another exit, such as a window large enough for everyone to fit through.

Self-sealing doors work well for a door that will shut off your garage from your house, as you will be able to use a different door to exit from.

Installing Fire Doors

Installing fire doors in areas that a fire is more likely to happen, such as between bedrooms, is ideal. You may also consider installing a door that separates your home's HVAC unit and hot water heater from the rest of your home. Other locations include the bottom and top of stairwells, and at the end of long hallways.

If you would like to install fire doors in your home, you should hire a professional to install them for you. It is very important to have them installed properly to ensure they will work if you have a fire. These professionals can also determine the best places to install them, as well as the type of doors that would work best for you. Make sure you hire a professional if you have any problems with your fire doors and need them repaired.