How To Turn Your Company's Break Room Into A Micro-Market

10 October 2014
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To improve your company's break room, you may want to change the overall appearance and function of the space. One option is to create a micro-market that your employees can use instead of traditional vending machines. This change will take some planning, but you will find that these improvements will offer your company several advantages.

Custom Shelving

You want to start by removing the bulky vending machines, because they take up too much room. Instead, you want customized shelving for the food you offer.

When designing the shelves, you want to consider the average height of your employees, so that each one is accessible. This option also allows you to customize the depth of each shelf, so you can reduce the amount of space that your food area takes up.

Choosing to build and install custom shelving gives you the opportunity to use smaller spaces that were not suitable for any of your vending machines. For example, if you have a small 2-foot space in a corner, you can use this spot for a coffee machine instead of leaving it bare.

Refrigerator Options

When you still want to offer cold drinks, you do have a few options that are smaller than a typical soda machine. One option is to install a refrigerator that fits the space you have while still offering soda, water and juice options that your employees can purchase.

A good option for a break room is to install a glass front, double door refrigerator that is wider rather than deeper. This means that the refrigerator does not stick out past your shelving and it still has plenty of space for a large quantity of drinks. Another advantage is that you can place sandwiches, fresh fruit and yogurt into the refrigerator, as well.

Payment Machines

Another factor to consider when renovating your break room is how your employees will pay for their items. One solution is to install a self-checkout machine that allows your employees to scan and pay for the items on their own.

These machines also make it so you do not have to hire someone to accept payments. The self-checkout machine can reduce the amount of space your new micro-market will require, since you do not have to build a spot for your cash register.

Before you start the renovation process, you want to consult with a qualified contractor. The contractor can help you design the height, width and length of your shelving, so it fits into your available space. They can also help you figure out the best spots for your refrigerator and payment station, so that your new micro-market is easy for your employees to use on a daily basis.

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