Keep Your Tank Truck Drivers Safe With A Safety Cage

10 November 2014
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As an employer, ensuring safety is primarily your responsibility. Yes, it's up to your team to adhere to your safety regulations, and it's important that they exercise their own caution when it comes to performing dangerous tasks, but ultimately the responsibility is yours. You have to supply your team of drivers with the tools they need to operate around their tank trucks safely. Without these tools, no amount of training or caution will keep them protected. One of the safety tools you should be supplying your operators with is a safety cage.

What Is a Safety Cage?

Performing maintenance on top of the tank can be complicated because of its design. The round sides of the tank make it very easy for an operator to fall off the side of the tank and injure themselves. Safety cages offer complete protection for your drivers. The cage is designed with guard rails that run along the entire perimeter of the cage.

The rails have minimal space in between them to ensure the operator is unable to fall out. However, the space between the rails is wide enough for the driver to move their arms and other equipment in and out freely and to perform a number of tasks on top of the tank.

What to Look for in a Safety Cage

The inherit design of a safety cage drastically reduces the risk of a fall. However, there are additional features you can look for that only further increases the safety level.

Grated galvanized steel – Whenever possible, only choose a safety cage that is designed in galvanized steel. Grated steel provides more traction in all weather conditions. If it is snowing or raining, this material will ensure that the surface is not slippery. Additionally, galvanized steel can withstand higher amounts of weight, which is important if the operator needs to transport heavy equipment on top of the tank.

Attached ladder – Make certain that the access ladder is attached to the cage. Some units are designed where the ladder and cage are one complete unit, then some options design them as two separate units that can be connected to one another. If the two pieces are designed separately, they could easily come apart, increasing the chance of injury.

Set the standard for safety in your workplace. Making sure your drivers have access to the equipment they need shows that safety is a priority to you. If it's a priority to you, it will be a priority to your team, like with Aurora Transport Ltd.