Solar Shingles – Will They Benefit You?

13 November 2014
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Are you in the market for a roof repair? Are you in the process of building a new home? If you are going to do a roof upgrade on your home, there are many reasons why installing solar shingles is a great idea. There are some drawbacks, as well. Here are some points that you can use to decide if solar shingles will work for you.

The Return Of Solar Power

Solar power was popular until the 1990's but dwindled in usage because of a few things that hindered consumers from wanting to continue purchasing solar panels. Back then the price was much higher than it is today. This is because it was still fairly new technology. The panels that were installed on the roof back then were about the size of a pool table with large bulky racks holding them into place. People considered them to be very unattractive. They took up too much space on the roof. Today's solar "panels" are actually the shingles themselves, making them blend into your roof undetected. All of a sudden, the quest for solar power started to rise once again when it became convenient.

How They Work

Solar shingles look similar to regular asphalt shingles. They are installed on the roof in the same fashion. The difference is, solar power shingles have a semiconductor layer adhered to the surface of the shingle. 

Solar shingles can be installed on top of your existing layer of shingles. They will then need to be wired together so they work together in collecting sunlight. The shingles would then be tied into the existing electrical system to counterbalance the electricity used within the household.


If you use solar energy to power your home's electricity, there are incentives given that are in your benefit to continue the process. Federal and state taxes offer a deduction for the use of solar energy in the home. It is a great way to conserve electricity. Some electricity companies will offer a kickback to solar power consumers. If you have traditional electricity running through your home for use when there is inclement weather, you may be able to get a discount on your electricity when you have an abundance of solar power. The kilowatts that you have saved may be able to be deducted right from your bill.


Sometimes solar power is not justifiable in a home. If you live in an area that does not have much sunlight, and that is rather rainy and overcast most of the time, you will not want to invest in solar shingles. Solar power needs to be weighed against your electricity rates. The rates will determine whether or not solar will make an impact on your bill. Contact a group like Sunik Roofing for more information.