Four Things You Should Know Before You Have A Tree Removed From Your Property

14 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


So, the time has come to cut down that beautiful oak tree in your front yard. It may not be something that you want to do, but sometimes it is something that has to be done for your safety and to protect your home. This may be due to the tree reaching the end of its life cycle, or because of disease or insects. Whatever the reason may be, you will want to have a professional service to help you with the removal. Here are four things that you should know before you have a tree removal done:

1. Hire A Licensed Professional To Remove Your Tree

One of the most important things you need to do for your tree removal is to hire a licensed professional. They will have insurance and trained employees to remove your tree. An experienced tree service will also be trained in removing trees near power lines and have employees that are trained in first aid and safety if something should go wrong.

2. Inform The Utility Company About Tree Removal Near Power Lines

Even though the tree service you hire may be trained to work around power lines, you will want to notify the utility company. Let them know about your plans to remove the tree. This is something that the tree service may do for you, but you can make the call as an extra measure to make sure they know you are planning to remove a tree.

3. Recycle The Trees You Have Removed From Your Property

The tree service you hire may recycle all the materials from trees they cut down. You may also want to recycle some of the material yourself. If you have a use for the timber, limbs, and debris that is left over, recycling it yourself may save you money on having it hauled of. You can mulch the limbs and branches with a wood chipper, which can be great for landscape cover or for a compost pile. The large trunks can be used to mill your own timber, or if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove you can use it as firewood.

4. All Trees Can Be A Hazard To Your Home

If you have a large tree near your home, it can be a danger even if it is a healthy tree. There are some trees such as pines, which can pose more of a threat because of their shallow root systems. Any trees you decide to keep near your home need to be cared for, which means you will want to have them pruned every year and have an arborist inspect older trees that may pose a risk to your home.

You should know these four things before you have tree removal done. If your home has trees putting it at risk, contact a professional tree service to evaluate the tree and remove it for you.