SOS: Three Signs Of Septic Overflow Not To Ignore

8 December 2014
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If you own a home, you are probably all too familiar with how many things there are to upkeep and service. While it's important to make sure that all major systems in your home are serviced and in good working order, there is one system that really needs your attention – the septic system.

From washing dishes to taking showers to flushing the toilet, your septic system is used on a constant basis. If it's not kept in check, you could be looking at some pretty costly (and gross) problems.

So, are there any warning signs that indicate your septic system needs to be serviced? You bet! Here's a look at some of the telltale signs that you are going to need to call a septic maintenance company.

Soggy Soil

Take a walk in the area where the septic tank is located. If the ground feels soggy, don't delay and call a septic maintenance company right away.

Called the leach field, if the area of land where the septic system is located is soggy, mushy and wet, then there is more than likely a problem underground. Tree roots may have grown into the system, a backup of sludge may have occurred, or there may be a leak in the tank. If this problem is left untreated, you will be looking at an even bigger problem sooner than later.

Potty Problems

When you flush the toilet, do you notice that it isn't flushing all the way, or that it is taking a long time to do so? Is there waste coming back up after you flush? If so, then it's likely that an issue with your septic system is to blame.

When the septic tank gets too full, there's nowhere for the water in the toilet to empty into. Likewise, if the water does go down, there's a good chance that waste will come back up. Other issues that could indicate a problem with the tank is if there are any drains overflowing, including in the showers, tubs and sinks.

Putrid Smell

There's no denying that septic waste has a nasty odor. If you start smelling the scent of raw sewage or rotten eggs on your property, and the odor gets stronger when you're near the septic tank, then you definitely have an issue on your hands.

When the septic tank overflows, or there's any other issue, the waste it is holding can leak out. That leakage will cause a very pungent, foul smelling odor that is unmistakable.

If you notice any of these issues, call a septic system maintenance company like D & S Vacuum Truck Services right away!