Tips And Tricks For Conquering Your Heating Bill

11 June 2015
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When the winter winds start blowing, people all over the world start to see an increase in their monthly heating bills. It is even worse for people who live on fixed incomes. However, you can't do without heat in the harsh Canadian winters any more than you can do without air conditioning in the summer. In order to curb heating costs, there are a few tips and tricks you can try. Read on below for a few of them.

Use Heat that Already Exists

If the sound of your heating unit clicking on sends dollar signs through your head, then you should tap the heat in your home that already exists. For example, when you take a shower leave the door to the bathroom open, and let the hot steam escape into the rest of the house. Cooking is also a good way to tap heat that is already in your home. Leave a pot of stew simmering on the stove or bake a cake. You will be surprised how quickly your home heats up.

Call for a Checkup

It is important to have your air condition and heating unit inspected on a regular basis. For example, if your electric bills are suddenly through the roof, it could be caused by a problem with your unit. Call a repairman, like those at Wightman Mechanical, to come out to clean the coils and check your filters to ensure the problem isn't serious.

Don't let the Heat Escape

You would be surprised how much heat escapes through cracks and crevices in your home. If you have a fireplace that you aren't using, make sure that you seal up the flu. Keep your windows and doors closed tight when it's cold outside so that you can keep the heat in. It is a good idea to close ventilation fans in the bathroom and the kitchen to keep heat from escaping and cold air from seeping in.

Dress Warmly

There is nothing like a pair of thick socks and some jogging pants to help stave off the cold of winter. Running around in shorts and a tank top will ensure that you raise that thermostat to take off the chill. Set your thermostat on a lower temperature, and dress in warmer clothing to save on heating costs this winter.

These are just a few of tips and tricks you can use to curb your heating bills this winter. From dressing warmly to using the heat that already exists in your home, saving money should be your top concern when the winter winds begin to blow.