Creating The Best Look For Your Dance Studio

26 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When starting your own dance studio, often people have to take what they can get in regards to location.  Warehouse and in-home studios abound.  But if you're lucky enough to have a space you can work with to make it just what you need, here are a few guidelines to consider during construction and setup.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but is often overlooked: the exterior of your studio can have a huge effect on how many clients you draw in.  So it is important that the details are right from the first glance. 

Select your sign to reflect not only your business name, but the intention of your studio as well.  For example, a sign with lowercase font and small ballet shoes can communicate that the main intention of your studio is for small children.  The same principle applies whether you teach adult salsa lessons or coach teenage tap corps.  Be aware of what your sign reflects about your studio.

Another option for showing off your studio is large windows or a glass store front.  Showing your dancers in action will attract clients to your business, and the natural light is excellent to have inside the studio.  Of course you will need to invest in window treatments as well: blinds to draw in the afternoon hours to keep your dancers cool and perhaps decorative drapes.    An open store front will give you the flexibility to showcase your work how you see fit.


Within the studio you have more opportunity to create a unique feel for your studio.  Dance studios vary in their focus.  Some focus on technique and professionalism, others on simple fun and movement.  Some studios offer multiple forms of dance, while others strictly focus on one style.  There are even studios that double as clubs at night.  Consider your business goals and the direction you want to take your clients when decorating inside your studio.

Remember that your studio will house more than just your dancers.  Parents often will drop off and pick up their kids, and other friends or family members may come to watch or wait.  Consider setting up either a waiting room or a viewing room where patrons can sit comfortably and even watch the dancers as they rehearse.


Finally, function is key in your dance studio.  You want to ensure the safety of your dancers as well as their ease in dancing.  Consider where you'll place mirrors for the best visibility throughout the studio.  The type of flooring you select should also be specific to the styles taught in your studio. 

Other specifics to consider will be heating and cooling needs, a changing room or locker room, and audience accommodations if you plan to put on shows in the studio itself.  Remember that your dancers are first priority when shaping your studio.

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