Three Trends To Consider Incorporating Into Your Custom Luxury Home Design

22 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Each year, there are always brand-new trends that are introduced for home designs. If you are planning on renovating your home or building a luxury home from the ground up, then you are presented with the perfect opportunity to integrate some of these design trends into your home. You can hire a custom home builder who has experience with luxury homes to handle the construction part of it all, but when you sit down for the consultation, it can help to have some ideas to throw around in terms of the overall design concept. Here are three that you may want to consider and touch base on with the contractor.

A Kitchen Inspired by a Professional Chef

When it comes to home renovation projects, upgrading the kitchen is by far one of the more popular choices. The options are ultimately endless, and the kitchen upgrade has the most potential in terms of design. One of the biggest trends in the kitchen is chef-inspired designs. This type of project will go far beyond bringing in new countertops and adding more storage, as a chef-inspired kitchen design will focus more on cooking and entertaining. With a chef-inspired kitchen design, you will want to add wine coolers, pantries, full storage systems, dual ovens, smart refrigeration systems, touch-sensitive stovetops, and more. A bar should also be considered, which will allow you to prepare the meal while your family and friends drink, snack and converse with each other and you.

A Luxurious, Spa-Like Bathroom

While kitchens are incredibly popular during renovations and typically have the most potential as far as designs go, bathrooms aren't far behind. When designing a luxury bathroom, you want to create that feeling of going to the spa. Consider installing "his and her" vanities, a Jacuzzi tub, heated floors, and a multi-functional upright shower with steam emitters, body jets, and rainfall-style heads (one square one in the middle or a couple of them). You could even have smart home integrations that will allow music or television to be played as you are getting ready for the day or taking a soak in the tub in the evening.

A Spacious, Open Floorplan

Open floorplans are incredibly popular with custom luxury home designs. They create more room, provide the opportunity for creativity in design, and are much more inviting. With an open floorplan, you should consider floor-to-ceiling windows so that you have plenty of natural sunlight filling the rooms, especially in larger rooms like the living room, den, and kitchen. If you need some level of privacy between some rooms, you can consider the integration of auto-frosting partitions or collapsible walls.

For more information or design ideas, contact a custom luxury home builder in your area.