Seawall Construction To Prepare Your Waterfront Property For Docks And Other Features

16 November 2020
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If you plan on building docks and other marine structures, preparations need to be done. Part of these preparations may be building seawalls. These features will help enhance your property and protect against problems like erosion. The following seawall projects will help prepare for dock construction projects:

Evaluating Your Land to Plan Seawall Construction

The land where you are planning on building seawalls may need excavation and other work before construction begins. This may be to raise soil elevations or to reclaim the land that has been lost due to encroaching water. Things to consider when planning the seawall design for your property include:

  • Where the seawall needs to be built to reclaim lost land
  • Marking the water access and other features like docks
  • Raising soil elevations to protect your property

You will want to work with an engineer during this planning stage.

Choosing the Materials to Build the Seawall

The materials that you use for seawall construction are also important. Today, marine construction materials can be more durable and resistant to the harsh. Options to consider for materials when building seawalls include:

  • Conventional stone seawalls to stop soil erosion
  • Concrete and masonry for attractive seawalls
  • Vinyl seawalls for a durable and affordable solution

These seawall construction materials will give you durable marine structures. Vinyl will provide you with some of the most durable and attractive seawall materials.

Building the Uninterrupted Sections of the Seawall

The seawall is going to have different sections depending on how your lakefront property follows the water's edge. The longest sections of seawall will need to be built first. These sections will be the main seawall that holds back encroaching waters. They also protect your land from soil erosion. After the main sections have been built, you will be ready to continue with additional custom features.

Integrating Additional Features for Dock Construction

There are additional features that you will be ready to begin after the main seawall sections have been built. The features that will be needed to complete the seawalls include:

  • Stairs to have access to the water
  • Boat ramp to launch boats and watercraft
  • Features for building custom docks for your property

These features will give your property custom structures to access the water.

These are seawall projects that will help prepare your property for docks, and other features. Call a marine construction service and talk to them about these solutions for seawalls.