Considerations For A Painted Headboard

7 February 2023
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When a lot of people want to change the look of the wall behind their bed, they immediately think of buying a headboard at a local furniture store. While this idea can work well, there are other options for you to consider. One popular trend is to paint a headboard design directly onto the wall, which is an idea that can work well if you're already planning to hire a painting contractor to give your bedroom a fresh, new look. A painted headboard offers a lot of flexibility; instead of trying to find the exact headboard to suit your style, your painter can create it for you. Here are some considerations for a painted headboard.


You'll need to discuss what size of headboard you want to be painted on your wall. Generally, the painted area should be a little wider than your bed, but you have the freedom to decide if you want something even wider. You'll also need to think about how high you want the headboard to be. Actual headboards tend to be tall enough to support your head when you're sitting up in bed, so it makes sense to come up with a size that offers this look.


One of the best parts about planning a painted headboard with your painting contractor is deciding what shape you want the design to be. A lot of headboards are rectangular. Your contractor can create either of these looks, but you may decide that you want the design to be more unique. There are all sorts of designs to think about, and you'll want to be mindful of choosing something that suits the overall look of the room. For example, if you have a lot of visual softness in your bedroom, a painted headboard that has a gentle curve on top of it can work well.


The color of the headboard design is something that is also important to think about carefully. You'll want to consider what other colors are present in your room. For example, consider the flooring, furniture, drapes, and even your bed linens. The color of the headboard should ideally match or complement other colors that are present in the room. Don't feel that you need to use muted hues such as charcoal. A bold color — perhaps a shade of your favorite color — can give the bedroom a lively feel.

Contact an interior painting contractor to discuss some painted headboard designs.